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We are recently again operational after a longer period of recovery from an industrial accident that I expected. Getting back on my feet took a while, little did I know, there is a lot of recovery after that. We have old spots hogs and expect pigs in the early spring. We are preparing to forest finish them. We will have a very limited supply of these in the fall after Thanksgiving. We are currently building a flock of dorper sheep on pasture. Starting with some solid ewes that were older. We anticipate being up to a good breeding capacity next year. We are trying to do both fall and spring lambing. Our laying hens have gotten older and we are replacing most all our girls this month.That should put us back on peak production near July. We are currently using the eggmobile model to move the hens around the pasture behind the sheep/goat rotation.Hopefully we can build the fertility of the soil along with producing a healthy grazing environment for all the species involved. We are crossing kiko goats with our nubian/boer crosses. We are aiming for a naturally health grazing and browsing goat. We are right now just adding a boer-kiko buck to increase our frame size and make a nice framed healthy animal. We are this year growing our first six acres of non-gmo field corn to make our own feeds for our hogs,chicken and turkeys. We hope this experiment works well, as local corn is difficult to buy. We are adding 12 new angus heifers as we develop our breeding progam. We are also working on the cow pastures to bring them into condition and well enough fenced to carry a serious pasture based herd of cows.We are also using a jersey and guernsey as nurse cows to bring on some other heifers. We hope to add some brown swiss in the very near future. We will be having a farm field day in June to make everyone more farmiliar with all our farm systems and products. We will schedule that soon. We expect to have a sheep shearing, cow milking, heritage mountain music and a picnic from the farm products.


Listing last updated on Jan 26, 2013

We will be posting updates of our coming farm field days.

Schedule and Location:

SomeDC area farmers markets, We will give you an update by February 1.

Schedule and Location:

We have fresh eggs available daily as well as vegetables and sorghum in season. After April 10 we will have pastured pork and fresh broilers available to order year-round. We will be in some of the DC area farmers markets this year.

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