Find Nectarines

Nectarines are fuzzless peaches, in fact when peach trees self-pollinate part of their fruits will be nectarines. The same thing happens when a nectarine tree self-pollinates: part of its fruits will be peaches. To prevent this, nectarine producing branches are grafted onto peach trees which will then only produce nectarines. Both trees are almost identical, but nectarines are smooth skinned and resemble yellows plums. There are many varieties of nectarines some clingstone others freestone. Choose firm fruits that "yield" at the seam, under-ripe nectarines can be left at room temperature for a couple of days.

Nectarines are good by themselves or in the usual assortment of fruit salads, pies, fruit fools, fruit kebabs, smoothies, nectarine and peach crisp, chunky hot nectarine sauce over plain vanilla ice cream; or you might want to try filling a deep pie dish with sliced nectarines, cover them generously with brown sugar and pop it into a scorching grill for a couple of minutes until sugar caramelizes. You can then serve them with thick Greek yogurt

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