Neighborhood 4-Pack

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Neighborhood 4-Pack

A selection of honey gathered from various cities around Santa Clara valley in different seasons of the year.

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1-lb. jar size, plastic with flip-top lid.

The flavor and color of honey changes by the season because the blossoms which provide nectar are blooming at different times of the year. In general, the honey gathered in spring is lighter in both color and taste than that gathered during the fall.

If there are early rains, nectar can even be gathered over the winter from the flowering eucalyptus trees. The dry and sunny breaks during the winter rains mean that bees can fly for a few hours in the middle of the day.

The four jars are selected to reflect the richness of Santa Clara valley, one of the few places in the world where bees can gather honey in every season.

Neighborhood Nectar comes from colonies which established their homes in the walls of houses, garages, and sheds around Santa Clara valley. Some comes from old trees which have had to be removed because tree cutters prefer not to deal with thousands of angry women (worker bees are female).

In an age when there is so much concern about chemicals in the food supply, families can be assured that this honey came from bees which have never been managed, were surviving on their own, and building their nests in the same way they have done for millions of years.

Since all removals are done without smoke, there is no way the honey flavor can be affected.

The combs removed from the nest are not spun out in an extractor, they are crushed and the honey drained through a strainer