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When most of the world says "milk", it's not cow's milk they are referring to, but goat's milk. Goats were one of the first domesticated animals and have been a source of reliable food for countless generations and remain so in most of the non-industrialized world. Raw goat milk continues to be a part of many wise traditions and you will find it will help nourish your continuing journey to life-long health.

Now you too can "get your goat" and enjoy fresh milk through a share in our herd of Nubian and Toggenburg dairy goats. Although goat milk does have its own unique taste, like all milk its taste is heavily influenced by the diet of the animal. We assure that our goats eat a natural diet that results in a sweet, delicious milk that we guarantee you will grow to love. Give it a try and you might be suprised how good it tastes.

Through our partnership with Pasture's Delights in nearby Decatur, our goat milk is available throughout north and central Indiana including deliveries to Fort Wayne, Muncie, Indianapolis, Pendleton, Munster/East Chicago, Knox, Warsaw, and South Bend. For a current map of our delivery locations visit:


Listing last updated on Feb 16, 2013

Get you Goat! Through a share of our herd of Nubian and Toggenburg dairy goats, you can enjoy fresh, delicious raw goat milk.

Season:  February through November

Type:  single farm

Since:  2012

# of Shares:  50

Full Share:  $100 one-time (refundable) + $40/month

1/2 Share:  $50 one-time (refundable) + $24/month

Work Req?  No

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I've been getting milk from Neue Geiss for about a year now. The quality is consistently good. The flavor is light and creamy without the pungent aroma and flavor you'd expect.... [more]

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