New American Farms

Hello! We are New American Farms and are growing from the ground up! We specialize in the following:

***Fresh free range PASTURE raised chicken eggs. Our hens are free to roam and graze and are not treated with any antibiotics. Most of their diet is from the earth (grass, bugs, and leftovers from our garden) Raising them on pasture increases the nutrient content, you can see it in the color of the yolk! In our opinion, local eggs don't get better than these.

***Shares and retail cuts of heritage breed, PASTURE raised pork! Our heritage breed pigs do really well on pasture. Our pig literally live in hog heaven and you can taste it!

***Fresh 100% pesticide and herbicide free produce including squashes, tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas, okra, potatoes, garlic, melons, and herbs. That's right folks, NOTHING we grow is sprayed. We are constantly battling the bugs but the tradeoff is good and healthy food. NO WEIRD STUFF!

If you are interested in visiting the farm or purchasing from the farm, please email us!


Listing last updated on Aug 23, 2013

Schedule and Location:

We sell at the Dickson County farmers markets on most Saturdays.

Schedule and Location:


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The eggs I bought from you yesterday at the Dickson Farmer's Market are incredible! They are like a little steak inside a shell! Once summer ends I will be happy to drive over to White Bluff to get some.

This weekend we're grilling the last of the side of pork we bought from you. It has been wonderful meat and was made even more wonderful with the knowledge of how it was raised - so humanely and so healthfully.... [more]

I just wanted to thank you for the great kale and radishes we bought last week. I cant believe what a difference! Thanks for the recipe's too. Look forward to seeing you again at the market.

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