New Day Meadery

New Day Meadery offers a distinctive selection of limited edition, small-batch meads and artisanal hard cider created from the finest fresh fruit and raw honey Indiana has to offer. Working with small, family-owned farms gives us access to top quality ingredients, essential in providing you excellent tasting mead that can be enjoyed on its own or with a variety of fine foods.

Mead is arguably the world’s oldest alcoholic beverage - some say the finest. Mead is simply the name given to wine made from honey. In the case of New Day Meadery, we make honey wines (mead) that use honey exclusively and others that combine honey and fresh fruit.

Just like grape-based wines, mead can be made dry to sweet, still or sparkling, and with a range of alcohol contents. Mead can even be made in a style that resembles beer or hard apple cider (carbonated and with a lower alcoholic content).

New Day Meadery is the first and only Meadery in the State of Indiana. There are around 50 Meaderies located throughout the United States. Each has their own special focus and all are carrying on a proud, ancient tradition of making mead. At New Day Meadery, our focus is on using only the finest, freshest ingredients to create our small, handcrafted batches that result in limited edition meads of the highest quality. Our inaugural offering of six varieties provides you, the customer, with a selection that will satisfy a spectrum of personal taste preferences. Please review their individual tasting notes and food pairings to help you decide which varieties speak to you the most.

New Day Meadery is a true family owned and operated entrepreneurial endeavor. The husband and wife team of Brett Canaday and Tia Agnew work tirelessly as the proprietors of New Day Meadery. Brett, your Merry Meadmaker, takes great care in crafting our meads while Tia orchestrates all marketing and operational matters. They, along with a dedicated group of family and friends, form the main labor force when it comes to picking fruit, bottling and labeling your mead.



Listing last updated on Mar 11, 2008

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