New Heritage Farms - Pasture Perfect Pork!

Toledo, Washington
Family Farm

New Heritage Farms - Pasture Perfect Pork!

Since 1998 New Heritage Farms has been implementing ever increasing sustainable agriculture.

We started with simple rotational grazing for the beef. Now, even the pigs are rotational grazed.

Pasture Perfect Pork. PiGturesque Pasture Pigs.

Registered breeding stock available. In 2005 New Heritage Farms re-introduced the Tamworth breed in the Pacific Northwest. Since then we've enjoyed sharing and growing this unique pig with new breeders and pork customers alike.

Heritage Breed Tamworth Pork. Honey Curing. Nitrate Free.

The heritage breed Tamworths live on pastures and woods most of their lives. I bring moms ready to farrow home, where the babies are born in the barn, then out into paddocks and eventually back to the pasture and woods.

The animals gain most of their nutrition from pasture. They do get a minimum ration rolled oats and barley. My pigs are not on continuous feeders like industrial pork and even many small farmers. As adults or feeder pigs they are hand fed once per day plus all the pasture, roots, bugs and slugs they can find. Seasonally, apples, acorns and/or filberts. My pigs are outside and active, unless napping, very important.

My animals are raised with care and consideration. I love my pigs! The pasture and woods are natural: no herbicides or fertilizers have been used in decades. Not certified organic.


Listing last updated on Mar 2, 2014

Believe it or not this is February 2011. The Tamworths breeders are literally bouncing out onto the Winter wheat and Austrian pea field planted just for them the prior Fall. They graze it like crazy and then rototill it like crazy. Crazy Pigs!!

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Easy to work with, looking forward to receiving our pork this February.

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