Newaygo Shepherd's Farm

Newaygo Shepherd's Farm produces grass-fed sheep, primarily-grass-fed goats, and pastured chickens/eggs. The manure and bedding from the animals eventually fertilizes the vegetables that are sold in local farmer's markets by "Salle's Garden." The specialties here are organically grown potatoes, garlic and onions.

I, the shepherd(ess), raise organic hay on the farm to feed the animals in winter. Future projects include raising corn organically to feed the chickens. You can purchase the animals live to slaughter yourself or to pick up at a meat processing plant. I do insist on humane means of slaughter. Individual cuts of grass-fed lamb can also be purchased at the farm or at the Newaygo Farmer's Market. It is in frozen, sealed packages.

I encourage visiting but must warn you that work cannot stop for this and you may be asked to lend a hand. Nothing too strenuous though, unless you are looking for exercise! Since the does and ewes are milked, friendliness prevails among the four-footed animals. Chickens don't care for petting, but you may gather your own eggs. Early spring is always beautiful with the new lambs and kids.


Listing last updated on Mar 6, 2013

Schedule and Location:

Newaygo Farmer's Market,
at the downtown park
Fridays, 2-6PM

Schedule and Location:

I raise June bearing strawberries that you may pick for yourself.

Schedule and Location:

You come up to the house or garden (there's no stand at the roadside).
I'm dependably at the farm mornings until 11AM, except Sundays. After that time I am likely to be at the farm and will sell. It's best to call ahead for any certainty on this.

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