Speckled Hen Farm

"I love my birds!" says Brooke Hayes-Lyman. What started as a hobby a couple of years ago that took her to the county fair has become a life purpose for Brooke: to help preserve heritage breeds.

While currently raising ten kinds of chickens for eggs and meat, she estimates the number in her heritage turkey flock to be around a hundred. If you ask, and if you call soon, she will put them on the telephone as a gobbling choir of Narragansett and Kardosh Bronze birds.

Last winter, Brooke found a breeder in Minnesota who sold her eight Narragansetts, and made a trek that landed her in the biggest snowstorm of her life. Three and a half feet of snow fell overnight, and she had a long ride home to central Ohio. The turkeys rode in a pen in the back of her small station wagon, and they fought and pooped and raised a ruckus the entire way back. The story has a happy ending, though, as the flock has increased to thirty now, and she's added another sixty Kardosh Bronzes.

Brooke's turkeys are truly free-range and pastured: they follow her son to the bus stop every morning. They have grass underfoot all the time, unlike many turkeys, who are raised in paved lots. The birds are fed with cayenne pepper, garlic, and apple cider for their health, and one can't help but wonder if they will taste all the better for the special treatment.

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