Seeds: Now's the Time

If you're like us, the best thing about January is the opportunity it affords to pore over seed catalogs and dream big for the coming garden season. Over the last three years, has been fortunate enough to attract over a dozen seed growers who now sell their collections through our catalog. Seeds have become one of our top-selling items, largely because our farmers are offering such treasured and hard to find varieties.

With so much biodiversity already lost in the public food sector, we think it is especially important for home gardeners and family farmers to draw from the full range of varieties that nature has made available. As the author and poet Maya Angelou wrote, "In diversity there is beauty and there is strength." That's true enough in the human family, but also flavorfully, colorfully, delightfully true in the garden.

We've compiled a list with some of our top sellers and personal favorites from 2005. And check out our entire selection at our catalog's seeds department.

Photo: Southern Exposure Seed Exchange


An outstanding selection of seeds grown by family farmers.   

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