CSA: Eat Seasonally, the Farm-Fresh Way

While nobody knows exactly how many CSAs are up and running in the U.S., our best estimate is about 1,500. As you might guess, we at LocalHarvest would like to include every single one of these farms in our national directory. At last count we had reached 1,187 of them. All together, these farms are offering weekly boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables to tens of thousands of families across the country. As a result, a growing number of people are eating the best food there is: that which is grown close to home, and eaten while it's fresh. We are proud to be supporting this trend toward greater personal healthfulness and greater economic viability for rural economies.

Many CSAs are now experimenting with the model so if you have not checked into your local options lately, it may be time to take another look. Rather than the traditional full-season commitment, many CSAs are now offering partial season subscriptions in as few as four week increments. Others are adding eggs, flowers, meat, and/or baked goods to their shares. A number of farms are teaming up to offer a joint CSA, where each farm contributes the products it grows best. There are many variations on the theme, making this win-win situation for customers and farmers even better.

The LocalHarvest.org directory is the best way to find a CSA near you. A growing number of our CSA farms even sell their seasonal subscriptions directly through the site. Use our CSA search engine at the right, look for the "subscribe" button, and we'll get you signed up!

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