Fido Wants to Support Family Farmers Too!

You try to eat seasonally, you shop locally -- what's next? Maybe it's time to offer your pets the goodness of family-farm produced food. Many veterinarians are now advocating for more nutritious and appropriate food for cats and dogs. Researchers are finding that animals that are fed a raw diet demonstrate a slowed rate of aging and fewer degenerative diseases as compared to pets fed typical store-bought foods.

Both dogs and cats are carnivores, and thus can benefit from the enzymes, unadultered amino acids, and antioxidants found in raw foods, particularly raw meat. Unlike humans, dogs and cats have digestive systems that are well suited to assimilating raw meat. Lucky for them (and their owners) the naturally high acidity of their systems prevents microbes from causing havoc. Some dog trainers say that serving dogs raw meats even occasionally can be beneficial.

As people begin to pay more attention to the types of food they feed their pets, LocalHarvest members have begun to provide more natural options. Several LocalHarvest farmers are now selling raw meat for pets throught their LocalHarvest stores. Our current offerings include various cuts of chicken, goat, lamb, and beef. We also have several new members who are making dog biscuits . These are gourmet treats in fancy flavors including salmon, cheddar, peanut butter. Wouldn't your favorite dog love to try some?

Pet Food

Naturally grown meats and other ingredients for a healthy diet for your pets.

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