Grow Your Own: Seeds, Seeds, and More Seeds

Speaking of seasonal and local foods, you can't do better than your own backyard! There's nothing quite as satisfying as going out the back door to pick a few fresh things for dinner. Even if you weren't born with a green thumb, many vegetables and flowers are easy to grow ? perfect for beginners.

Several new seed producers have joined this winter, significantly increasing the number and variety of our seed offerings. Garden Medicinals and Culinaries is one of the new members. Originally a spin-off from another LocalHarvest member, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, GMC is now its own company. GMC grows its seeds organically, though its owners have each declined to become certified because they are also committed to genetic preservation, and want to be able to use a non-organic treatment to rescue a rare variety, should the need arise.

The GMC store in LocalHarvest is a great place to find a beautiful variety of heirloom tomatoes, and herb growers will be impressed with their selection of medicinal and culinary herb seeds. Their rare and threatened medicinal herb collection includes varieties such as ginseng, black cohosh, false unicorn, wild ginger, and others, all grown on site.

Looking for some unusual vegetables with which to "wow" your friends? Another great LocalHarvest seed grower is Harvest Moon Farms and Seed Company. In addition to having plenty of the old standbys, they also offer seeds that will surprise your neighbors: black radishes, yellow beets, white pumpkins, black corn, and "yard long" red beans. Many of these varieties are heirlooms - so much the better!


Check out out large selection of seeds, many heirloom and organic.

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