LocalHarvest Newsletter, January 30, 2008

Four weeks into the new year and 2008 already feels broken in. We at LocalHarvest have spent a good deal of that time putting big plans in place for the site -- new ways for the public to interact with family farmers through our site, new content, new features. We hope you'll visit often and check out our progress. Meanwhile, we bring you this month's newsletter, featuring a story about a CSA that serves low-income people, and the way the farmers make it work. You will also find an update on the almond pasteurization issue, a great video on our collective consumption habits, and everything you ever wanted to know about beans!

A CSA Option for the Poor

For years, people have been trying to figure out how Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) projects could be made accessible to low income people. Economically, the CSA model is built on farmers' need for capital at the beginning of the growing season. Most CSAs ask their members to pay a lump sum for the entire season, a requirement that bars low-income people from participating. (Read on...)

From the LocalHarvest Catalog:

One delicious bit of sweetness we've been selling a lot of this month is buckwheat honey! People who like strong, dark honeys often seek this one out for its rich flavor.

Speaking of sweetness, the Medjools are ready, the Medjools are ready!

Been thinking about joining a CSA this year? The sign-up season has begun. Click here to find a CSA near you!

Update: Pasteurized Almonds

Those of you who have been reading this newsletter for a while will remember that we have been following the story of the almond industry's move to require all raw almonds to be pasteurized by steam or chemical processing, and yet still be labeled as 'raw.' The Cornucopia Institute has been working tirelessly to get the USDA to reverse this decision. Mark Kastel from Cornucopia has written an update on the situation and given us permission to reprint it here: USDA Under Pressure to Address Almond Pasteurization Issue

Video: The Story of Stuff

This month’s featured video: It’s not about food or farms, but we liked it a lot anyway. The Story of Stuff. (Watch the Video...)

Nancy's Nutrition Corner

Most of us know that beans are good for us. Few people, though, know the breadth of their influence. Beans decrease cholesterol, fight heart disease, stabilize blood sugar, combat obesity and reduce cancer risk. Read on to find out more about the benefits of beans, and ways to decrease their unsociable effects on digestion. (Read on...)

Recipe Corner: Beans - By Lorna Sass

I've had a long love affair with heirloom beans and began singing their praises in print fifteen years ago in my book, Recipes From and Ecological Kitchen (now in paperback as Lorna Sass’ Complete Vegetarian Kitchen).
(Recipes and More...)

As always, thanks for your interest in and support of LocalHarvest.org! See you next month, and until then, take good care and eat well!