Mountain Wildflower Raw Honey. Unheated Pure

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Mountain Wildflower Raw Honey. Unheated  Pure

Wildflower Really Raw Honey. Unheated, Pure, Local

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No Additives - No Corn Syrup - No Filtering - No Straining - No Mixing with Foreign Honey. Non-pasteurized and non heated. The Rawest form. Straight from the hive.

Packaging: food grade deli containers.

Raw (Unfiltered or Unprocessed) Honey tends to exhibit a "wax ring."

Although a majority of the wax is removed during the initial settling, following the extraction process, microscopic particles of wax will float to the top as the honey continues to settle in the jar.

Granulated honey is 100% pure honey, which has been finely granulated into a paste and spreads like butter at room temperature.

Unfortunately granulated table honey is sensitive to temperature. ( like snow or ice) If it ever gets above about 110 degrees, it will return to liquid.

Also, the consistency of granulated honey will get stiffer at lower temperatures.

Store and use granulated table honey at room temperature, but protect it from overheating! Store honey at room temperature. Warm slowly to re-liquefy if crystallized. More info about RAW HONEY

( note: shipping insurance are optional as addition to honey and valid only with honey purchase ) P.S. We do not sell honey in glass jars, only plastic food grade regular deli containers available, from this listing.

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