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Mar 1, 2003

Local Harvest Newsletter -- March 1, 2003

Hello, and welcome to our newsletter! 

February has been a good month for Local Harvest.  Our daily visitor 
count grew by more than 40%, which is quite an increase from the average 
growth of 20% per month that we've maintained for the last year or so.  
We now have more than 1000 people getting weekly updates through our 
"keep me posted" feature (http://www.localharvest.org/keepmeposted.jsp),
and we're getting more than 2000 visits to the Web site on peak days.

This is all really good for everyone involved, (unless you're a corporate
supermarket or an agribusiness operation)  because it mirrors the growing 
awareness of the importance of buying local, for a slew of social,
environmental, and economical reasons.

So as you can see, it's been an exciting month, sadly tainted by the 
almost likelihood of an unnecessary war looming.  I'm sure that if our
leaders ate more local produce, they'd be less likely to want to bomb 
anybody.  err... maybe?  probably not...  :-/

Read on for more details on what we've been up to, to visit our featured 
farm, and to learn about our new features and members.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CONTENTS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 1) New Features
 2) Featured Product:  Arugula!
 3) Featured Member:  Clark Farm CSA
 4) Thanks and acknowledgments
 5) New Members


It's been quite busy here at the Local Harvest beach headquarters in
sunny Santa Cruz.  Other than the normal Web site upkeep, and other 
than working on commercial projects to pay the bills,  I've been working 
on adding a couple of new features that I'm sure you will like.  These 
are our new Products Page and our Photo Album.  Read on to learn more 
about them.

Products Page
The Local Harvest products list has grown to almost 200 different items
lately.  This made me think that it was important to have a centralized
place for Web site visitors to see all the good stuff grown or sold by
our members.

Our new Products Page lists all of the products tracked by our software,
categorized by product type, and with links to searches for all growers
of the particular item, and in some cases, to a special "product page",
that talks more about the particular veggie, livestock animal, etc.  
Follow the little "information" icons [i] on the products page to see 
those.  (http://www.localharvest.org/products.jsp)

Photo Album
I keep getting requests for a central place to look at all the great photos
that our members upload into our listings.  Well, this is it!  Our new 
"Photo Album" now allows you to browse through the hundreds and hundreds
of farm, farmers markets, and other photos.  You can look at all of them
together, or you can select them by state and/or member type.   Check 
them out, and enjoy the slide show! (http://www.localharvest.org/album.jsp)

For a few years now, I've been having little dinner parties at home about
every couple of weeks for a group of friends, where I bake some pretty 
good home made pizzas.  These parties are a lot of fun, and as a side 
benefit I have been perfecting my hand at the art of the Pizza.  I recently 
learned from an Italian chef about using arugula as a pizza topping, and 
I am now hooked.  Our last pizza dinner I used arugula liberally and in 
many combinations, and they were all incredibly good.  My absolute favorite 
is arugula, prosciutto and capers.  Highly recommended.  Grazie Franco!

So spring is coming, and you'll soon be able to get fresh arugula from
your local farmer.  Check out our new arugula page to find a grower near
you, and if you're lucky and your region is already warm enough for picking 
arugula, then go ahead and make yourself some salad, sandwiches, pizza, 
or any other of the many great stuff that you can prepare with this spicy, 
peppery green.  To learn more about arugula, check out our new Arugula
page at:  http://www.localharvest.org/arugula.jsp 

Clark Farm CSA
Choosing this month's featured member was a tough one, since a lot of our 
members have been doing a great job creating really nice, comprehensive 
listings. I finally decided on Clark Farm, in Woodbury, Connecticut, in 
large part because of the great work they are doing with the children of
their community.

This is what John Clark, farmer in chief, has to say:

We are a 10th year CSA operating on the subscription model. Certified 
organic by NOFA Connecticut, we are a tenant farm leasing from a local 
nature center and nearby farm. CSA share pick-ups run from June into 
December (weather permitting).

We offer many classes and workshops throughout the year for adults and 
children. We also offer 1 year internships and 2 year apprentice programs. 
Children's garden plots are available for local children, area school 
classes and therapeutic agencies. We grow over 50 varieties of vegetables, 
35 types of culinary, medicinal and tea herbs; as well as many varieties 
of cut flowers. We are still expanding our program of providing food for 
area needy as well as a growing horticultural therapy program. Our long 
term goals are creation of community, whole system sustainability in both 
agricultural and social areas in a cooperative non-competitive setting.

Two of our members recently sent me some of their good stuff by mail,
and I wanted to mention them here and thank them for their presents.

Marshall's Farms, from American Canyon, California, sent me a box with 
a sampler of 12 different kinds of honey.  Wow!  yum!  I specially like 
the "Power Flower" and the "Saints and Sinners" honeys, although I have 
to say that the Orange Blossom honey is also really good.  As I write 
this I'm enjoying a big spoonful of Star Thistle honey.  Magnificent.  
Here is their Local Harvest listing if you want to learn more about 
them:   http://www.localharvest.org/farms/M5200

Our other member sent something I would not want to eat, but that my 
houseplants certainly can.  Spiker Work Casting, from Wheeler, Illinois, 
sent a bag of their ultra-rich worm castings.  I've spread them all over 
my house plants, and it's too early to say yet, but they seem to like it. 
Check out their listing:  http://www.localharvest.org/farms/M5125

Since our last newsletter on February 2, Local Harvest has grown by 
82 new members,  all of them direct additions into the Web site from 
the Internet. 

We end our newsletter with a list of the names, member numbers, and 
locations of the latest additions to our Web site.  (see below for all 
82 of them...)

We encourage you to visit their Local Harvest listings. To do so,
just enter their member number (the number on the first column)
into the "Name/Description/Product" field in the Local Harvest search 

Thank you for your continued support.


  --Guillermo Payet
    Executive Director
    Local Harvest

 5193  Spiral Path Farm                     (Loysville, Pennsylvania) 
 5194  Prime Ten                            (Rancho Mirage, California) 
 5195  Rolling Thunder Farms                (Pine City, Minnesota) 
 5196  Cow-a-Hen Farm                       (Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania) 
 5197  Calypso Farm and Ecology Center      (Ester, Alaska) 
 5198  Oklahoma Food Retail Cooperative     (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) 
 5199  Blue Schoolhouse Farm                (Congervillecw, Illinois) 
 5200  Marshall's Farm Honey                (American Canyon, California) 
 5201  Valley Farmers                       (Stanfordville, New York) 
 5202  Farm Kitchen                         (Poulsbo, Washington) 
 5204  Botanicals by K & V                  (Seymour, Illinois) 
 5205  Klemm's Pikes Peak                   (North Freedom, Wisconsin) 
 5206  Sweet Pea Gardens & Greenhouses      (Surry, Maine) 
 5207  Pinewoods Yankee Farm                (Lee, New Hampshire) 
 5208  Riversedge Farm & Nursery            (Hudson, New Hampshire) 
 5209  GroundWork Organic Farm              (Junction City, Oregon) 
 5210  Roanoke Farmers' Market              (Roanoke, Indiana) 
 5211  Lindler Farm                         (Calhoun Falls, South Carolina) 
 5212  Stony Knolls Farm                    (Saint Albans, Maine) 
 5213  Charlotte's Garden                   (Louisa, Virginia) 
 5215  Happy Trowels Farm, Inc.             (Ogden, Utah) 
 5216  Whistle Pig Acres                    (Lenoir, North Carolina) 
 5221  Nick's Organic Farm                  (Potomac, Maryland) 
 5222  Dandelion Project                    (Newport News, Virginia) 
 5223  Nyack Farmers' Market                (Nyakc, New York) 
 5224  Community Harvest                    (Washington, District of Columbia) 
 5225  Pure Earth Organic Farm              (Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania) 
 5228  Kanalani Ohana Farm                  (Honaunau, Hawaii) 
 5233  Murphy's Gardens                     (Galena, Illinois) 
 5235  Woodland Gardens                     (Winterville, Georgia) 
 5236  Coit Rd. Farmers Market              (E. Cleveland, Ohio) 
 5237  Clarion County Farmers Market        (Clarion, Pennsylvania) 
 5238  Youngs Farm & Greenhouse             (Emlenton, Pennsylvania) 
 5240  Jujo Acres Beef Sales -- DC Area     (Falls Church, Virginia) 
 5241  Round River Farm                     (Finland, Minnesota) 
 5242  Echo Valley Farm                     (Sligo, Pennsylvania) 
 5243  Heart of Virginia Rabbitry           (Farmville, Virginia) 
 5244  The Golden Root CSA at Earth Care Farm   (Charlestown, Rhode Island) 
 5245  coffee exchange                      (Providence, Rhode Island) 
 5246  Salem Wednesday Market               (Salem, Oregon) 
 5247  Flora & Fauna Farm                   (Pierceton, Indiana) 
 5250  Wake Robin Farm                      (Jordan, New York) 
 5251  Stoney Knoll Farm                    (Leaf River, Illinois) 
 5252  Longstreet Cafe                      (Gainesville, Georgia) 
 5253  Inn Serendipity Bed & Breakfast and Farmstead  (Browntown, Wisconsin) 
 5255  Harvest Home                         (Waverly, Nebraska) 
 5257  Central Coast Wilds                  (Santa Cruz, California) 
 5259  Riceland Meadows                     (Jefferson, Ohio) 
 5261  Pennypack Farm Education Center      (Horsham, Pennsylvania) 
 5263  Standing Stones Farm                 (Glencliff, New Hampshire) 
 5264  Long Lane Farm                       (Coburn, Pennsylvania) 
 5265  Millheim Farmers' Market             (Coburn, Pennsylvania) 
 5266  Cedar Summit Farm                    (New Prague, Minnesota) 
 5268  Roller Homestead                     (Logansport, Indiana) 
 5269  Wild Things Farm                     (Pocola, Oklahoma) 
 5270  Oliver Alpaca's, Etc.                (Jefferson, Ohio) 
 5271  Saylor's Custom Meats                (Grovertown, Indiana) 
 5272  Lake View Farm                       (Halsey, Oregon) 
 5273  Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market (Minneapolis, Minnesota) 
 5274  Walther Organic Farms                (Silver Lake, Indiana) 
 5275  Wood Violet Farm                     (Fennimore, Wisconsin) 
 5277  Harvest Valley Farms                 (Valencia, Pennsylvania) 
 5278  Fair Share Farm                      (Kearney, Missouri) 
 5279  Coree Daniel Flower Farms            (Kewanee, Illinois) 
 5280  Sand Castle Winery                   (Erwinna, Pennsylvania) 
 5281  Sara-Joe's Organic Pork Products     (St. John, Washington) 
 5282  Riverwest Co-op                      (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) 
 5283  Shiloh Farm & Retreat                (Louisburg, North Carolina) 
 5284  Summerfield Farm                     (Poplarville, Mississippi) 
 5285  Townline Farm Poultry Reserve        (Linesville, Pennsylvania) 
 5286  Milford's Farmers' Market            (Milford, Michigan) 
 5287  Thomas Auction Company               (Aiken, South Carolina) 
 5288  Homestead Organics Farm, Inc.        (Hamilton, Montana) 
 5289  Kingston Cove Food Co-Op             (Kingston, Washington) 
 5290  Mid Prairie Organics                 (Ladora, Iowa) 
 5291  The Secret Garden                    (Danville, Iowa) 
 5293  God's Way CSA                        (Lebanon, Tennessee) 
 5294  Blue Moon Farm                       (Richmond, Kentucky) 
 5296  Sierra Brand Farm                    (Glencoe, California) 
 5298  Baltimore Natural Buying Club        (Baltimore, Maryland) 
 5301  Flagstaff Community Farmers' Market  (Flagstaff, Arizona) 
 5302  Brae Maple Farm                      (Union, Maine) 

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