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Aug 16, 2002

LocalHarvest Newsletter -- August 16, 2002
Dear LocalHarvest Member,
Hello, and welcome to our newsletter.  We will be sending you these
every two weeks from now on.  Each issue will highlight our new
partnerships, members, and other developments here at LocalHarvest.

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 1) Sustainable Restaurants
 2) New Partnerships
 3) Featured Member
 4) New Members
1) Sustainable Restaurants on LocalHarvest
We are currently undertaking the ambitious project of expanding our
network to include all of the restaurants in the U.S.A. that feature
local and sustainably grown food.  As many of you probably know, there
is a rapidly growing movement within the culinary world towards both
regional and seasonal cuisine.  We hope that by incorporating
restaurants into our directory we can help this movement along.
Imagine you are going on vacation in Hawaii next January -say Kauai-
(sounds good), and you want to go out to an excellent meal.
LocalHarvest will provide you with the information you need to find
the restaurant on Kauai that uses the freshest and most regional
cuisine.  Once this directory is established, travelers and foodies
from all over the world can use our Web site to find restaurants that
value freshness and sustainability.
If you are a farmer and you sell what you produce to restaurants, or
if you know of a restaurant that should be on our network, please e-mail
us with contact info. (Preferably an e-mail address).  If you could
also tell chefs or restaurants who fit into the local food paradigm
about our Web site, we would really appreciate it.  Restaurants have
begun to trickle in this last week and we are now working on setting
up partnerships with like-minded culinary organizations such as SlowFood
U.S.A. and The Chefs Collaborative.

Cooperative Grocer Online

As we announced in our last newsletter, LocalHarvest recently added
support for Food Coops.  We recently partnered with the Cooperative
Grocer Magazine and we will be working with them to develop the most
comprehensive, detailed, and accurate directory of Food Coops available
anywhere, which will be accessible to the public from the
Cooperative Grocer Web site (http://www.cooperativegrocer.com), as
well as from LocalHarvest.  At this point, most of our food coop
listings contain only very basic information.  Cooperative Grocer
will soon be doing outreach to the directory members to encourage
them to get online and update their listings.


Straus Family Creamery - Marshall, Ca

The Straus family have been farmers for over fifty years and three
generations of Straus's currently live on the farm in West Marin.  The
farm is located in the tiny town of Marshall, perched on the edge of
the Tamales Bay (famous for its oysters) and right next to the Point Reyes
National Seashore in Northern California.  West Marin is rapidly becoming
a center for organic and artisan foods.  Much of the area's current
movement towards becoming an organic epicenter has its roots in the
Straus family.  They became the first organic dairy in the western U.S.A.,
transitioning from commercial to organic production in 1993.  The entire
family is actively involved in both protecting farmland and encouraging
sustainable agriculture.


Since our last Newsletter, on July 25, LocalHarvest has grown by 318
new members.  293 of these are Food Coops that have been added into
the directory via our partnership with Cooperative Grocer.  You can
find a listing of them here:

The remaining 25 members are direct additions into the directory via
the Web site:

 4164 | Worthington Farmer's Market
 4165 | Firehouse Farmstand
 4166 | Blackbird Gardens
 4168 | Buckwheat Growers Assn of MN
 4170 | Charlie Hong Kong
 4171 | Davenport Cash Store
 4174 | Basiltops
 4175 | Phoenix Cafe & Inn
 4181 | Turkey Hill Farm
 4182 | Snafu Acres Dairy Farm
 4183 | Dirty Girl Produce
 4187 | One Stop Meat Shop
 4188 | LaPlume Valley Farm
 4190 | Alvarado Street Bakery Cafe'
 4191 | Arcata Educational Farm
 4192 | Newark's Old Town Farmers' Market
 4193 | Georgia Naturals
 4487 | Bulrush Farm
 4490 | Somers Family Farm and Farmstand
 4491 | Watergrill
 4492 | Paradise Farms
 4494 | Irvington Farmers' Market
 4495 | Manchester Farmers' Market
 4496 | Brown's Meadow Farm
 4498 | Surya Nagar Farm

We encourage you to visit their LocalHarvest listings. To do so,
just enter their member number (the number on the first column above)
into the "Name/Description" field in the LocalHarvest search form.

Thank you for your continued support.


  --Guillermo Payet
    Executive Director