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At Nicasio Eggs, we have a hand selected flock of Heritage Breed Chickens. We have all ranges in ages, and even some Roos mixed it.

They are genuine free-range birds, supplemented with organic, non-soy feed. All this good old fashioned farm living less than an hour North of San Francisco.

Rare Ancona Duck Eggs also available!

Simply the best eggs ever, from happy, healthy hens.

Listing last updated on May 16, 2014

Heritage Breed Eggs - Chicken and Ancona Duck

Heritage Breed Chicken Eggs/Ancona Duck Eggs
(From $6.00)
Eggs just like they used to be. Pasture-Raised, Cage free, HAPPY and Fertilized Chicken Eggs and Rare Ancona Duck Eggs. Yum.


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