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All Northeast Family Farms Natural Beef comes from cattle purchased exclusively from farms in New England and New York, and never from western feedlots or factory farms. Every cut of meat from each animal we buy can be traced back to the farm where it was born and raised, and our strict standards prohibit the use of supplemental growth hormones or antibiotics in the feed.

Northeast Family Farms cattle are grown the traditional way, using sustainable farming practices on small to medium sized family farms. Young animals are kept with their mothers until they are old enough to be weaned. After weaning they are grazed on the lush pastures of the northeast, eating a diet of fresh grass and clovers. All Northeast Family Farms cattle are fed a rich mix of local forages and natural grains just prior to harvest. This ensures that our beef is well-marbled and flavorful, and always of the highest quality.

Northeast Family Farms cattle are harvested at approved USDA facilities in close proximity to the farms' location. Animals are handled carefully and humanely from the time they leave the farm until they enter the facilities.

Northeast Family Farms was founded by Dole and Bailey, Inc. for the purpose of creating a direct supply chain between the regions best farmers and those who appreciate quality natural beef. This includes chefs, specialty retailers and individual consumers who not only want safe and healthy food, but also have a desire to support local agriculture and promote sustainable farming systems. Northeast Family Farms natural beef costs a little more because the farmers we buy from are paid a modest premium for their efforts to raise cattle in a way that cares for the land. While the extra amount they receive isnt much, its often enough to make the difference between profit and loss for farm families who take pride in the food they produce.

Northeast Family Farms isnt about building an exclusive brand, its about recognizing the efforts of the men and women who take the extra care to farm in a way that protects the land and builds rural communities. When a farm produces natural beef for Northeast Family Farms, that farms name goes right on the package, so you know exactly where it came from and who raised it.

To find out more about the producers who raise Northeast Family Farms natural beef and how they care for their cattle, visit our web site at


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Northeast Family Farms is owned and distributed by Dole and Bailey, Inc.

Dole and Bailey, Inc. is a family owned and operated business thats passionate about local foods and saving family farms. The company has been part of the northeasts agricultural heritage since its founding in 1868 and is committed to preserving the regions agricultural legacy.

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