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We are a certified organic family farm on Tug Hill in northern NY. We raise heritage breeds for breeding stock and meat production. All our animals are pastured during grazing season, the beef is fed only the best lush grass and best quality hay in winter. OurBritish White beef is grassfed only, and in winter everybody is housed in well bedded, free stalls and fed certified organic hay. Our beef is very tender, tasty, lean and healthy. We also take orders for pork (Tamworth), poultry (Red bourbon and Slate Turkeys, heritage breed chickens) and organically fed (but not certified) lamb (Shropshire). We also sell honey ,maple syrup (both not certified but produced with organic production rules) and small grains. Our main goal is to produce the best quality meat with healthy and happy animals, by giving them the most natural way of life and by choosing old heritage breeds, selected and raised for many years for their ability to produce under natural conditions.

Listing last updated on Feb 16, 2014

We are taking orders year round for our meat and presently sell whole (around 250 to 280 lb of hanging weight) or half, processed to your specification. New: also available retail cuts, processed in USDA facility. Certified organic grassfed beef, pork, rabbits, chickens and turkeys. Organically fed lamb. Certified organic small grain. Honey and maple syrup (produced under organic management)

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