Nourishing - Daily Blend Tea

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Nourishing - Daily Blend Tea

Highly nutritive and supportive of the nervous system. Tastes great with cinnamon added.

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Historically, Burdock root has also been administered for conditions such as gout, ulcers, arthritis, rheumatism, and various skin disorders.

Several studies have shown that stinging nettles can keep your testosterone circulating freely and keep you feeling sexually vital. For the purposes of men's sexual health, the key ingredients in stinging nettles are the sterols that appear to lessen the action of DHT, the form of testosterone that causes the prostate to enlarge. The anti-inflammatory substances join with the rich concentration of the minerals boron and silicon to help ease the pain of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, tendinitis and bursitis.

Highly nutritive and supportive of the nervous system, Oat Straw helps the body in the management of healthy bones, skin, hair and nails. It may also be beneficial as a bodily aid in the maintenance of a healthy nervous system.

Red Clover acts as an antibiotic, appetite suppressant, blood purifier / depurative and relaxant. Good for bacterial infections, HIV and AIDS, inflamed lungs, inflammatory bowel disorders, kidney problems, liver disease, and skin disorders and weakened immune system.

Chamomile is a popular remedy used to treat and prevent anxiety, nervousness, restlessness, stress and insomnia.

Tea contains: Burdock, chamomile, nettle,oat straw and red clover.

References: Pollak, Duke. * Please Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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