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HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Oak Hill Organics!

Thank you for visiting Oak Hill Organics. We make wreaths, do complete weddings, winter greenery, and more!

All orders placed, will be started in the order that they are received. Please order now! Delivered when you want!

Our boxwood wreaths are handmade from virginia's boxwoods and evergreens. They are picked into a wire form, and will last for well over a month. I offer 2 varieties, sometimes more, of boxwood and evergreen designs. I can make you a wreath from a non-wire form, contact me for more information on custom work.

All of our creations are guaranteed to be delivered when you want them, they are handmade for you, picked fresh when order is placed. They are guaranteed fresh! Oak Hill Organics continues to grow thanks to our customers, and our quality products. Thank you.

This is the only place I've seen available organic loose boxwood, or custom boxwood arrangements. I am trying to expand my business. Please share my site and enjoy looking~

I make all of the designs myself, in the order they are received. I can make you a customized order if needed. I have made initials in wreath forms, garlands, square wreaths, swags, mini-trees and many specific custom pieces. My products have been featured in coastal living magazine, dec. '07 issue. I have many references and years of floral experience. A write up on the boxwood is located on the item description page. I also have a yola and wix website with more boxwood information.

the helpers: I also enlist the assistance of my hubby of 20 years. He does most of the harvesting these days. He is a naturalist, and is a big help to me. My son will pick up loose boxwood and helps me keep a clean work area. I can be reached at (540) 745-2155 Thank you~ Lisa Hairston


On this site you will find my flora-gazer farm artist (commercially and privately trained florist), organically grown works. We are all blessed beings. I believe every person has something special in and around them to share, maybe unrecognized, with which will not only nourish them, but will also lighten the heart of those touched by it if done in a thoughtful and loving way.

My something special to share, is boxwood. sound funny?

As an occasion arises, you may think a product which is offered may serve quite well. I hope it does just that. You may find yourself reading this page unexpectedly. The english boxwood has been coming to me unexpectedly (unrecognized). At first it seemed no more than an evergreen, with shiny leaves that lines southern driveways. By my description you may have a memory forming. It then showed me through my trial and even error, how well it lasts, how to preserve and care for it, how it arrange it, how to show it off, so to speak.

Below is part of my "story" and hopefully, some inspiration!

I learned to make my wreaths from Bill Clarke, of Madison, Va. R.I.P.

Years passed. I moved, married, and studied. I continued learning and teaching floral ideas and applications. I am a blessed soul.

Most of my designs come from a thought, pattern or theme. This works well for me. To work in a good way, I must recognize those things that present themselves in a theme or pattern in my life, just as I make my living based from the same. The little english boxwood shrub came to me three times before I realized I should work with it. Now, we work quite well together.

In 2004, my husband and I moved to his, basically abandoned, family farm in danville, virginia. We soon were overwhelmed seeing the work " to recapture the farm" taking more than both of our lifetimes. beautiful gardens, which had been plundered, wood and brick buildings in shells, and trees of wisteria strong enough to separate the brick foundation walls of the "big house" alone takes seeing to believe. The history of slaves and wars seriously almost forgotten in time, native's arrows and pottery on the dan, early settlers, became a sad reality. the railway that was down the hill 1/4 mile was a nice break in our day. we waved and welcomed the only other person alive that came around, the conductor of the east bound, just past 4:20 breaks we could catch him. Our whirlwind started years earlier but was in full-motion during the danville years. I started making wreaths from the old rows of beautiful boxwood that were being trampled in time by wisteria and honeysuckle. It was a good place to start. Having almost no income since the move, i started oak hill organics. after a few months on the farm, i started to receive wreath orders. I also earned a little money from coaching gymnastics, which has also always been an important part of my life. I was the head coach and program director for 5 years. (thank you hugh and donna, and all of my kids and parents that shared with me. You helped me be healthier and happier. I hope I was able to do the same for you!) the cabin years produced patience, aging learning of history, genealogy, philosophy/theology, a sustainable living, and then a son! To the folks at local harvest, keep up the good work. I am thankful to my friends, associates, and new onlookers to this site, thank you!

I am still doing what I think is right, and good. And the bad, it exists but I am always thankful for what I have been given. If you would like a wreath or any of my items available, I would love to make it for you.~ wado.

Lisa Hairston


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Specialty english boxwood wreaths, swags, ropings, and custom orders made when you order, delivered fresh on time! Timed events, and untimely events are always stressful. I delivery quality products, when you need them. I work mostly with live plants, evergreens, pine-cones, moss, and fresh or freshly dried flowers. contact me about anything mentioned or thought arriving from this reading and/or site. boxwood was presented to me to share with anyone that should want or need it.

Schedule and Location:

Floyd Farmer's Market Christmas 2013 ~

First Weekend in December, come to avoid Shipping Charges. ~Support locally made products~ Eco-friendly and quality products are our Children's future, and our past. LOCATED in FLOYD, VA. park near the traffic light... the only one in the whole county~

Many Blessings to All~!

Schedule and Location:

Floyd County Farmer's Market First Saturday in DECEMBER!
Located at our Stop light, the intersection of Rt. 8 and Rt. 221 in downtown Floyd, Va.

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I sent this wreath as a gift last year. My cousin, who is a connoisseur of boxwood wreaths, said it was the most beautiful he had ever seen. The organic wreath lasted for months.... [more]

These make wonderful presents! They last a long time and the recipients love them. Perfect for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fall decorations, etc. You won't be disappointed.

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