Oakcreek Buffalo Ranch

Oakcreek Buffalo Ranch is a 160-acre farm in the rolling hills of the Ozark Mountains a few miles north of the Missouri/Arkansas line near Bella Vista, Arkansas. Tucked back into Little Missouri Hollow, it is a hidden jewel of pastures, trees, ponds, bluffs, hills and springs.

Buffalo are the only livestock at Oakcreek, but the buffalo share their home with a host of wild animals including white-tailed deer, squirrels, ducks, turkey, coyote, rabbits, opossum, skunks, raccoon and an endless kaleidoscope of birds.

Many of the bull calves will be retained at Oakcreek to join the meat herd. Here they will enjoy life to the fullest while they range freely across the beautiful pastures, growing and maturing. These animals are usually harvested before their third birthday to provide meat customers of Oakcreek with the best quality meat available in the world today - PURE GRASS-FED BISON MEAT.

We have learned that in today's world the buffalo depend on us for their existence, but they in return provide life and sustenance to us. It is this interdependence of buffalo and man, which gives the strength for both to live and prosper. Visit Oakcreek Buffalo Ranch online at www.ourbuffalofarm.com


Listing last updated on May 11, 2009

If you are concerned about your health and want to eat food that is good for you - and yet not sacrifice taste and flavor for better nutrition - then buffalo is the meat for you. Sweet, flavorful and tender, buffalo meat still packs a nutritional wallop. Exceptionally high in protein and minerals, bison is low in fat, calories and cholesterol. It tends to satisfy you more while eating less. Give your health and taste buds a treat, and eat BUFFALO, America's Original Health Food.

Schedule and Location:

Saturdays from 8 to Noon in Anderson on Bus71N across from Tatum Tractor

On Tuesday from 4 to 7pm in Jane at the Walmart intersection with parking at Hometown Bank

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My family was looking for an alternative to store bought beef. We were looking for organic beef when I found this farm. It is only a few miles from our house so we tried it.... [more]

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