Oakie Creek is a small family farm on 17 acres in Wallace in southeastern North Carolina just 15 miles from Burgaw and 40 miles from Wilmington. Our primary goal is to provide healthy and affordable produce, eggs and herbs to our community using methods that sustain the land as well as the human spirit. We provide free-range eggs from heritage poultry including Barred Rock, Jersey Giant, Rhode Island Red, Cochin and Buff Orpington. We will be selling our free-range chickens as broilers in the near future as well. And all of our produce and herbs are naturally grown. On our farm, we believe in allowing our animals to do just what they were created to do. Our poultry, both broilers and layers, are out on pasture everyday where they are allowed to scratch and forage. They eat all the fresh grass they desire with the security of a poultry net fence and they reside in our "Casa de Polo" safely at night. We never grow anything on our farm or feed our animals anything genetically modified. There are no chemicals, hormones or antibiotics given to our animals at any time. Everything we do on the farm we do by natural and organic means. And we want to provide you with the same wholesome, natural and fresh produce and eggs and produce that we enjoy every day.


Listing last updated on May 5, 2013

We are not producing this summer, but will resume in the Fall.

Season:  June through August

Type:  single farm

Since:  2010

# of Shares:  15

Full Share:  $250/share for 10 weeks

Work Req?  No

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