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Oakland Bay Farm is what you are looking for and probably exceeds your expectations. Of course, all of our practices and projects abide by Certified Organic standards. We see no reason to stop there! We are much more concerned and driven to produce food products whose nutritional contents have been maximized by proper soil management. The nutritional content and quality of our food products is where our focus lies. This can only be the case if at first we use the standards approved for Organic growing as the first stepping stone.

Certified Organic standards are a very good starting point; a good beginning, but should and must be improved upon. Consumable food products, at a bare minimum, must be produced without synthetic chemical products not approved for Organic growing. That is the very first step that must be achieved during the process of producing consumable food products. The following steps that build upon this 'clean process of producing food' must focus consistently on maximizing the quality and nutritional content of the food product without sacrificing the immediate natural environment and quality of life of the plant/animal. Proper soil testing, re-mineralizing of the soil (replacing what the plants take out to turn into our vitamins and minerals), cover cropping, crop rotation, prescribed grazing, runoff control, aquatic buffer utilization are all examples of practices that keep the bigger picture in mind: food production should not negatively affect the quality of the product and the land it was produced upon. Just the opposite, proper food production has the ability to improve all aspects of the equation, especially the end consumer of the product (check out www.naturallygrown.org).

That is how you ended up at Local Harvest and why you are here reading this page. You are looking for products that are local, good for you and good for the environment in which they were produced. Look no further. Those are all requirements we (Todd, Joy and our son Holmes Waltermire) were looking for too, before we started our own farm. Now, keeping all of initial values in mind, we are producing the products that we wanted/want and more and more people are demanding. That is why we are here. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.


Listing last updated on Mar 9, 2008

Pastured Poultry - Broilers are raised on our pasture and supplemented with Certified Organic Grain.

Seasonal veggies, fruits and herbs.

All of the products we produce here on our farm are available in our retail grain and feed store on site.

Season:  June through October

Type:  single farm

Since:  2005

# of Shares:  500

Full Share:  Full Share $550 - pre pay in full = $525. Otherwise 1st 1/2 ($275) due upon signing up. 2nd 1/2 due upon receipt of first box.

1/2 Share:  Small Share $400- pre pay in full = $375. Otherwise first half ($200) due upon signing up. Second half due upon receipt of first box.

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

Saturdays Downtown Shelton, WA

Schedule and Location:

Located in our retail grain and feed store at 4721 E State Rt 3 in Shelton, WA 98584. Open Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm. 360.426.7542

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