OakMoon Creamery and Farm

On a lovely ridge near Bakersville, NC, is a small goat dairy named OakMoon Farm. Cynthia Sharpe and Dwain Swing share OakMoon Farm with 60+ French Alpine, Oberhasli, Saanen and Nigerian Dwarf goats with a smattering of Nubian and LaMancha thrown in for good measure. Flock guardian dogs, chickens, and assorted family pets as well as grown children visiting from time to time round out the ranks of inhabitants! It's a good place to be and we feel blessed to be here.

At the farm we practice gentle, humane treatment of our animals---they really think we are Mom and Dad! We use no hormones ever, extremely limited antibiotic and parasite treatments and try to treat our animals as we would want to be treated.

OakMoon Creamery is a dream thought lost and then found again. For many years, we have struggled to complete the creamery and become licensed, and recently achieved that worthy goal. Our farmstead cheese production follows the rhythms of the seasons. The goats "freshen" or give birth to their kids from late February to early April, providing spring milk for the cheesemaking to begin. Bouncy baby goats provide the perfect illustration of Springs renewal of life!

Through the spring and summer, the does graze on natural mountain pastures supplemented with grain and hay cut from windswept mountain hayfields. The milk is flowery-sweet and plentiful, as is the cheese.

With the cool nights of fall, the breeding season begins. Autumn makes the forage dry and rich, and the milk becomes richer as well, making even better cheese. The does are bred to their "prince charmings" and are dried up to rest from milking from December until kidding again the next spring, when we begin again.


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OakMoon Farm offers quality dairy goat breeding stock in the following breeds: American and French Alpine, American Saanen, American Oberhasli, and Nigerian Dwarf. We raise our babies on free-choice milk, hay and grain, with plenty of pen space and pasture for romping and exercising. In spring, we have extra kids for sale, and in fall we offer select bred does and bucks. Check out pictures and sales lists on our website.

Schedule and Location:

Bakersville Farmers Market: Saturdays, 8am-noon, across from the post office in Bakersville, NC
Spruce Pine Farmers Market: Wednesdays 3pm-5:30pm, beside Wildflowers Natural Foods on Oak Ave in Spruce Pine , NC
Johnson City Farmers Market, Saturdays 9am-12noon, at the corner of S.Roan St and State of Franklin.
Yancey Farmers Market, Saturdays 8am-12:30pm, in Burnsville Town Center parking lot.
Historic Marion Farmers Market, Tuesdays 3pm-5:30pm at the farmers market pavilion in downtown Marion, NC.

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Cynthia creates magic with goat milk. Her soft cheeses are extremely good and her hard cheeses are AMAZING. She has a cheese called Roan Ryhme (Cynthia please forgive me if I botched the name) that is a standout. She is truly an artisan cheesemaker.

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