We are just starting out, getting our act together, running the numbers and putting together our business plan. Our goal is to eventually be a small producer of goat milk & cheeses and fiber. We believe in using dwarf breeds, heritage breeds: like dwarf nigerian goats and shetland sheep. We believe that it's possible for individuals and families to accomplish a lot without having limitless resources (like lots of money and huge tracts of land).

We believe in the Community Supported Agriculture movement. We believe that the changes in personal practices that will ultimtely save the planet are nothing short of revoluionary. We believe that it falls to every person to make the changes necessary: reduce consumption; live responsibly. Buy local.

In the words of Gil Scott Heron: The revolution will not be televised... The revolution will not go better with Coke... There will be no highlights on the eleven o'clock news... There will be no... instant replay.... The revolution will not be right back... The revolution will be live...


Listing last updated on Nov 14, 2008

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