OK Ranch and Retreat

-Our family farm is located in the beautiful Miami River Valley, with the river running through the center of the property. We produce a number of quality meats. - We raise a limited number of Jersey beef from the male dairy calves produced by local dairy farms. -Our pork is produced from a heritage breed, the Berkshire, known for it's flavorful taste. -We raise a limited number of cornish cross broilers, the majority under the oversight of our "broodie" egg laying hens, who provide the security needed by these baby chicks. -We have turkey for the Thanksgiving holiday both double breasted and heritage and are actively involved in the Locavore tradition in our community for the holiday. -We have both chicken eggs available. - we raised the male lambs from a sheep dairy farm for meat . -- Although we are not organically certified our land would be considered organically maintained as we do not spray chemicals etc on our fields and have not for over 10 years. We feed our animals the best quality foods possible with no antibiotics or hormones used. --We provide a quarterly newsletter at the market as well as e-mail to far away customers with our latest personal farm 'learnings' and experiences.

Our Family Farms Mission is:

--- To produce quality nutritious food in a sustainable and humane fashion and to make that nutrition available to our family, and our friends (customers). --- To learn more about sustainable agriculture and to share that knowledge with individuals that want to learn and share a similar dream.


Listing last updated on Nov 8, 2013

All Natural No Antibiotics No Pesticides and No Hormones Prices available upon request.

Schedule and Location:

Manzanita Farmers Market Fridays 5PM-8PM

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Lee and Mary deliver the goods! They have many wonderful choices of meat and all are raised in happy and healthy environments. They also happen to be the nicest people you could meet. Highly recommended.

We've been buying OK Ranch meats for 2 years now including the best Thanksgiving turkey that we've ever eaten! Doug and Mary Lee also raise quail and muscovy ducks and we are particularly fond of their quail eggs.... [more]

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