Old Gjerpen Farm

Located just four miles from Culpeper, OGF is small specialty farm devoted to the conservation of rare breeds of sheep and chickens. We raise Karakul, an ancient breed of fat-tailed sheep with lean unique tasting meat and Leicester Longwool, an old English breed popular in Colonial America, which also has lean flavorful meat. Our lamb is raised natural, grass fed and certified as Virginia¬?s Finest. Our first-time customers consistently say they have never tasted such wonderful lamb.

We also offer free range brown eggs from our Delaware and Silver-Laced Wyandotte chickens ¬? both American breeds that are now quite rare.

If you are interested in our national award-winning natural colored Karakul fleeces or roving and the highly lustrous Leicester Longwool fleece or roving check our website for more information. www.oldgjerpenfarm.com

Listing last updated on Aug 26, 2005

Spring lamb and a special on Karakul roving

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