Old Maids Farm, LLC

We are a family owned farm managed by Sharon and George Purtill. Our main farm is located along the banks of the Connecticut River at the intersection of Tryon Street and Old Maids Lane. We are among the largest certified organic farms in Connecticut. We farm on a rotational 86 acres certified for organic production by the USDA. We have a self serve farm stand at the main farm and we operate the town owned Old Cider Mill on Main Street. We sell retail, wholesale and by CSA. George is part of local family of 6 generations making their home in Glastonbury.

Come and visit our farm and see our heritage breed Turkeys and Chickens and our fun loving goats. We welcome visitors who are commited to the production of healthy food.

Listing last updated on Feb 17, 2009

Schedule and Location:

Main farm: 1099 Tryon Street, South Glastonbury, CT 06072
Old Cider Mill: 1287 Main Street, Glastonbury, CT 06033

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This is our second year getting heritage birds from George - we picked up three turkeys this year, a slate tom and two bourbon reds. Happy birds = a tasty dinner :)

Produce (and, specifically, heirloom varietals) are great - we're too far away to make the CSA worth our while, but we try to stop by whenever we go through Glastonbury!

A wonderful organic farm. George's produce is the best I have tasted, in fact, one day as I was leaving, I put my hand in one of his pepper baskets just to taste one, but I by the time I reached my car and finished chomping on the pepper, I had to return to buy more.... [more]

This was my first year and I am so glad I joined. The quality of the produce is heads above what you get from the stores and even some of the local farm stands. Hurray for OMF!!

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