Old Orchard Farm

We're a very small farm on the Noble county, Whitley county line. Only 7 miles from Columbia City near Loon Lake, Indiana. We focus on a self sustaining lifestyle by raising dairy goats, meat and egg chickens, and 100% natural vegetables.

- We currently have a very small herd of dairy goats and offer a dairy share program. This is the milk my family drinks and I am very cautious with my herd, the does are like family to me and I don't stress them for milk production so availability is limited. Please contact us for information and an application.

- We have totally free range and cage free chickens. I don't illuminate the coop during dark hours to increase production, I prefer letting them produce eggs naturally. They roam out of doors in a large plot daily and I keep a rooster with all hens for fertilized egg production (this is important because it improves the nutrition of the eggs). These eggs are mixed in color from light brown to a dark chocolate brown. Sizes vary as well but are generally in the "extra large" category.

- Seasonal vegetables are a delight in our home. I raise what my family needs and any extra can be purchased on an "as available" basis. I don't like chemicals in my food so I don't use any. The produce is picked ripe too - there is so much more flavor in ripe picked vegetables!

- Beautiful wild black raspberries are available in late spring. We keep a brier on the property and pick them as much as we can. This is a "natural" patch, I don't maintain them, rather I let nature do what it wants and I'll tell you! Nature has a way of making delicious black raspberries.

- Depending on yearly kidding we may have goat kids for 4-H use, or in late fall have weathers for chevon. The chevon meat would be natural and open pasture, with minimal grain feeding.

The Old Orchard Farm is on a quite and beautiful dirt road on the Noble county - Whitley county line. Years ago Wolf Road (also known as Wolfe Road) was known for its two competing orchards in a 1/2 mile strip! They sold numerous varieties of apples, and maintained an apple cider press. Today most of the apple trees are gone but the road is still quaint and quiet and on spring mornings you can smell the apple blossoms from the few remaining trees. Beautiful countryside! Come and visit.


Listing last updated on Jan 25, 2008

Ask about our Dairy Share! It's hard to find goat milk this good, and oh so natural. It's what my family drinks, so I know it's safe, clean and delicious!

Schedule and Location:

At the Columbia City Farmer's Market (Columbia City, Indiana) you can arrange pickup of any of our offerings. We don't currently have a booth at this market but we do have contacts and can arrange pickup of any of our offerings, including the Dairy Share.

Schedule and Location:

Currently we offer farm pick up if scheduled first. We're here most of the time but you'll need to get on the schedule so we're sure to have your order ready.

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