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We raise two types of purebred sheep at Old Quarter Farm -- Tunis and Texel. While both of these breeds are classified as meat breeds, the Texel is known for its superior muscularity. Both breeds are excellent at what they do; that is, produce a tender, mild, delicious flavored meat.

Tunis are a heritage breed and have lovely red faces and legs, creamy white wool, and wonderful, calm dispositions. They are currently placed in the "Watch" category on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC) Conservation Priority List.

Texels are originally from the island of Texel in the Netherlands. Texels are beautiful, heavily muscled, white faced sheep with white fleeces. Texel and Texel-cross lambs produce impressive, first-rate carcasses.

Our sheep are raised and finished naturally enjoying a combination of high quality pasture, hay, and grains. We do not use growth hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics to enhance performance (gain). Their health and quality of life is our first priority.

Give fresh, locally grown American lamb a try!


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I purchased 1/2 lamb from Old Quarter Farm this summer. They gave me options on various cuts and the meat was packaged beautifully. I was surprised to have them deliver it to my door! I don't know if they do that for everyone, but it was a really nice touch.... [more]

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