Old Schoolhouse Creek Farm

We are a small farm using permaculture principals. This allows each animal to be in it's optimum environment getting the best possible. In rotation, this improves the soil, improves nutrition, improves quantity of food, thereby improving quality of offspring and cuts of meat. No more need for all those chemicals, unneeded vaccinations, pesticides, and other junk.

We employ Dexter Cattle, Goats, Kune Kune Pigs, Chickens, Ducks, and Humans (big and small) to their best abilities. We trust our Maremma Livestock Guardian Dogs watch over our investments.

Each year we have been so fortunate to have some offspring for sale for your own farm use or for your table.

Check out our website as listed, or contact us to get a farm tour.


Listing last updated on Feb 20, 2013

Kune Kune "Pioneer Pigs" are noted for their friendliness, their gourmet meat, grazing, and tiller abilities if situated just right. In natural outdoor habitat they mature out between 80-150 pounds. Just right for a small holding. Dexter Cattle are a smaller breed who are also naturally friendly, lighter on the ground, finish perfectly on grass, and great mothers. Multi purpose: Meat/Milk/Muscle Maremma Italian Livestock Guardian Dogs are who we trust to watch over our animals to protect them

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