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Olde Reminisce Farms is home to the USA Herd of Kunekune Pigs. We have recently moved the herd to Amy's Farm just down the road a piece. Our small heritage hogs are known for their ability to do well on grass with very little needed in the way of supplementation. Reminiscent of the larger Mangalitsa Pigs of Austria and Hungary, Kunekunes are revered for their fat as much as for their meat. Fat is flavor, of course. While we are not certified organic, we raise all of our pigs and other livestock outdoors, on pasture as available, using the least invasive methods for rearing possible. Olde Reminisce is also home to other heritage breeds including various rare/heritage poultry breeds. In an effort to support other local businesses and to remain a sustainable farming enterprise, we feed the products locally grown without hormones or pesticides. Apples from Oak Glen are a great treat for our pigs and add a wonderful dimension to the flavor of their pork. Chefs and restaurant owners are encouraged to learn more about the Kunekune Pig and its use in the traditional art of charcuterie or to add Kunekune Pork to their special/seasonal menu offerings.


Listing last updated on Nov 21, 2013

Kunekune Pork, Rare breed Pigs, Heritage breed poultry/eggs

Kunekune Pork, Heritage Breed Poultry/Eggs, Irish Dexter beef, Kunekune Pig breeding stock, Weaner Pigs, Live Heritage Breed Chickens & Turkeys

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