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We offer Quality Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats that milk. We are on DHIR and ADGA Linear Appraisal program. Our entire herd is tested Negative for CAE and Johne's. Our last test was Dec 2011 and our entire herd tested Negative for CAE and Johne's from Washington State Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab for the seventh year in a row!

We also offer Registered Mini Cheviot Sheep for the discriminating buyer interested in beginning their own herd of Goats/Sheep or back yard milk supply.

Check out our web site for Goat and Sheep sales. We also offer Milk and Chevre cheese from our herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats.

***We are now Licensed to sell Raw (unpasturized) Goat Milk and Chevre Goat Cheese for Animal Usage Only***

Check out our Blog at: http://oldesouthfarm.blogspot.com!!

Listing last updated on Sep 5, 2012

We offer Quality Nigerian Dwarf Milking Goats. Our small, select herd is on DHIR (milk test). We also offer fine Mini Cheviots to the individual who cares about quality.

Schedule and Location:

Visit our website for on line ordering. We are open 24/7!

Schedule and Location:

Our Roadside Farm Stand is our Web page. We are open 24/7 for your shopping conveience.

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We purchased two milking does and they have been milking almost half a gallon of milk each! The cheese is Fantastic!!

The goats were not cheap, but they were worth every penny! Oldesouth milk tests their goats and with milking records and awards, you know what you are buying.

We are so pleased with the Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats we purchased from Ms Babb. They were so cute and grew up to milk like crazy. We really like the blue eyed doe we purchased and were thrilled to get a blue eyed baby doe out of her.... [more]

Terry has beautiful goats and really takes the time to talk to us and we can call for help any time. We purchased a couple of Nigerian Dwarf Goats from her and they are great pets and we can't wait to get milk this fall.... [more]

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Visit our farm blog at http://oldesouthfarm.blogspot.com .  We have finished lambing and getting ready for a couple of Dairy Goat Shows coming up in April.  Stay tuned for more action.

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