Castile Soap 100% Olive Oil - Fragrance free

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Castile Soap 100% Olive Oil - Fragrance free

Not all Castile soaps are created equal. 4 ounce long lasting all extra virgin olive oil bars.

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Simpler Thyme® Castile Soap is made with cold pressed 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil with no added filler oils.


About olive oil grades: Pomace is the last 10% solvent extracted grade olive oil which is extracted from the last remains after cold pressing the olives for extra virgin, virgin and regular grade olive oil.

Pomace is extracted in refineries that use heat and/or chemical processes to remove this lowest grade last extraction of the olives which makes a very dark green bar of soap.

If heat and/or chemical processes are used to produce the olive oil, it cannot be called Virgin or Extra Virgin olive oil.

We use the highest grade Extra Virgin Olive Oil for our Castile Soap even though Pomace Olive Oil is the least expensive Olive Oil available. ______________________________________

Cold processed soap made with the following ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, water, NaOH (lye)

The lather is very creamy and lovely on the skin, but not as profuse as our blended oil bars.

It's a good bar to shave with.

The most gentle of all soaps for babies and those that are extremely sensitive.

Fragrance Free - Unscented (no masking fragrance oils ever used)

4 ounce bars

Color varies from light cream to light green depending on the olive oil crop.

2 1/2" wide x 3" high x 1" thick

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