Omnivore Solution

Omnivore Solution is located in rural Casa Grande, Arizona. We are producing pasture raised free -range chicken, free -range turkey, free-range eggs, vegetables, and some fruit.

We have committed ourselves to adhering to our core beliefs, which are:

* That we should leave the land in better condition than it was before we started farming it.

* That our animals deserve to be treated with respect and compassion, which, in part, means allowing them to express their natural behaviors.

* That chemical fertilizers and pesticides are bad for the environment, animals, and people, and therefore have no place on our farm.

* That giving animals antibiotics and hormones to make them grow faster is unacceptable and unhealthy.

* That people deserve to see where their food comes from and meet the people who grew it. Visitors are welcome on our farm by appointment and we are happy to show you around!

Listing last updated on Dec 3, 2011

Schedule and Location:

2107 S. Chuichu Rd.
Casa Grande, Az 85193

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I love this farm. They have amazing chicken and the turkey we received for Thanksgiving was just perfect. I have visited the farm and they treat all of the animals very well.

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