Online Chemical-Free Vegetable Market for St. Pete

St. Petersburg, Florida
Farmers Market

Online Chemical-Free Vegetable Market for St. Pete is an online produce farmers market. We sell year-round & only organically grown vegetables, most of it locally grown in or near St. Petersburg on urban farms many of whom have been influenced by Permaculture concepts. All produce is either Certified Naturally Grown, Certified Organic or chemical-free. We do NOT sell conventionally grown vegetables, period.

For the convenience of our busy urban customers, we make it possible for them to buy produce and products from a good number of urban growers, including a number of backyard "market" gardens: Nathan's Natural Veggies, Brenon's Home Grown, The Faith House Garden, JR's Greens, Sustainable Me, The Dancing Goat, Pioneer Settlement Garden, St. Pete Fruit Stand, and Velouria Farms. Our customers get natural products from Taste of Freedom Farm and Rebecca's Bees, Jane's Earthworm Castings. Also through us, our customers purchase local fish from Madeira Beach Seafood. Organically Inclined is a local distributor of organic seeds, nuts, fruits, and legumes and Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters provides fresh ground imported coffees. We now have grass fed & grass finished beef from Lake Kersey Farms, pastured chickens from The Maker's Farm, pastured pork from My Mother�s Garden. Larger local farms include Geraldson Community Farm, Faithful Farms, and Strawberry Passion Farm.

Our Market is a good alternative to CSA options because we do not require purchase of shares, no obligation to order, no minimum order, and you choose if/only what you want to pay for. Customers purchase using two payment methods: pay by credit card online when they order or by cash or check when we deliver. All deliveries take place on Friday to homes, offices, or neighborhood co-ops pickup spots. With few exceptions, customers can leave us a check and a cooler if they cannot meet us for food delivery. Delivery fees are minimal. Details on how to order, an explanation of associated market fees and list of delivery spots can be found on our Q&A page. We charge an annual membership fee of $90 per household. The online ordering system is fairly easy to use and customers get to try the market twice before the system automatically adds the membership fee to the third order.


Listing last updated on Sep 12, 2014

Chemical-free produce purchased only online, year-round. Monthly workshops year-round. Second Saturday: "Successful Urban Farming in St. Petersburg" Become more independent and self-sustaining growing vegetables year round regardless of temperature & using free materials for most all of garden needs. Third Saturday: "REAL DIRT: Make Your Own" Are the things that you plant growing to their full potential? Are you buying your dirt or just planting in whatever covers your yard? Details on website!

Schedule and Location:

St. Petersburg, Florida; year-round market open only ONLINE Mon 5 PM through Wed Noon. Deliveries on Friday.

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Can you share the location, dates, and times that this market is available? Thank you Maureen

My family is eating much healthier now that I discovered! Each Monday I look forward to seeing what new produce is available at the market and cannot wait until 5:00 to do my shopping and then on Fridays I cannot wait to get home to unpack all my fresh CHEMICAL FREE locally grown veggies and dairy products.... [more]

Finding this vegetable market was like hitting the lottery! The online 'store' allows you to choose exactly what items you want in a given week. Their crop doesn't dictate what you're given - you actually select from a large list on their website! There are many 'growers' associated with this group.... [more]

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