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Living in a farm community in Northwest Ohio, local farmers welcome honey bees to pollinate crops. Every spring, the hives are placed on a local farmers land to assist in pollination. One of the most popular types of honey is clover honey which is common in this part of the state.

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I started the honey bee business after my Grandfather died. Grandpa Wagner left behind 4 bee hives and my father and I decided to give it a try as a hobby. I educated myself on how to raise honey bees, took a beekeeping class, and received pointers from a local beekeeper. Years later, my business has grown and production has increased. Beekeeping is a hobby enjoyed by not only myself, but family and friends too.

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I have severe allergies due to the pollination in the spring. Ever since i bought oogies pure honey and have been eating it my allergies have disappeared.... [more]

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