Open Oak Multi-Purpose Corn

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Open Oak Multi-Purpose Corn

Our selection of a combination of flint and dent corn for making hominy, grinding into delicious corn flour, corn meal, or polenta.

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Open Oak Multi-Purpose Corn is a physical mixture of flint and dent type corns, with qualities that make it suitable for any culinary use. Mostly yellow with some red and orange kernels for added depth of flavor and color.

This is our preferred selection for cornmeal or flour. After grinding, we sometimes sift out the coarse polenta from the flour and we have two different staple foods from a single crop.

This is whole, unmilled corn so you can cook it whole or mill it to your desired consistency.

This item is selected for food and packaged as a food product.

Open Oak is the retail food outlet for Adaptive Seeds, and is dedicated to growing nutritious high quality staple foods to form the cornerstone of a healthy local diet. We focus on grains, beans, garlic, and seed crops. Please note: all crops grown by us at Adaptive Seeds are certified organic by Oregon Tilth, but the trade name Open Oak Farm is not covered by the certification.