Opportunity Farm

Opportunity Farm is nestled in the picturesque hills and valleys between Prairie Farm and Ridgeland, WI.

Animals on the farm are the primary focus, but there are 30 acres of woods to walk and enjoy. The llamas, alpaca, Shetland and Icelandic sheep produce warm, soft wool, and rovings of cleaned, carded llama, sheep or blended wools are available.

Chicken varieties including Barred Rocks, Austrolorp, Red & Black Star hens produce farm fresh eggs, and chicks are seasonally available.

Registered Dorset Sheep are bred here, and Dexter, a heritage variety of cattle that produce both meat and milk, are raised. Lamb and Dexter beef is available when ordered the previous season.

Listing last updated on Sep 10, 2011

Farm fresh eggs, lamb, grassfed beef and sheep and llama wool are all available at Opportunity Farm.

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