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Like all citrus, oranges originally came from Asia, most likely from India, China, Burma or Malaysia. According to some historians, the original oranges were taken to North Africa and southern Europe during the Middle Ages. Back in those days oranges didn't look quite like they do today, they were smaller, full of seeds, and probably not as sweet. Oranges were taken to America soon after its "discovery" during the 1500's.

New varieties gradually began to develop, but more by letting nature take its course than by any technological know-how.

Not that long ago oranges were considered a great luxury and people would eat them with skin and all, nothing was wasted.

Organic oranges can have almost 30% more vitamin C than their chemically produced counterparts. They are usually somewhat smaller and much more flavorful. Green marks on the skin are not indicative of under-ripeness, they will be just as sweet, and those brown freckled ones are usually the sweetest, as any small scale orange grower will attest to.

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Temple Oranges

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(Feb-Mar) Temple Oranges are an heirloom variety known in it's heyday as "The King of Citrus".


Citra Navel Oranges
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Temple Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit
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