ORGANIC CATNIP Pillow Toy ~ Kitty Cat Love!

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ORGANIC CATNIP Pillow Toy ~ Kitty Cat Love!

Kitties LOVE our catnip toys!! Eddie's biting her all 'nip Organic Catnip Pillow ~ she's a happy cat! In 4 sizes + hearts =^..^= !

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from: Catnip Farm

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At Catnip Farm we grow organic catnip, seeds, peach trees, a variety of heirloom vegetables and herbs, and hand-make unique gifts for pets and people. All proceeds from our Local Harvest sales pay veterinary expenses for rescued stray, feral and special needs cats here in Iowa and other states.

Here's a great gift for your kitty ~ hand-made pillow toys filled with our special, home-grown Mr. Nipster catnip ~ high potency "Fine Organic Catnip For Real Cool Cats" ~ the 3 inch square toys (pictured) are filled with 100% catnip, and the bigger square and heart-shaped toys have a lot of catnip with some polyfill ~ they're squishy and fun to hug and play with ~ I custom-make each cat toy FRESH per your order. Our toys never sit on a shelf getting stale, and cats love them (and the packages they come in... watch out when your mail arrives ~ someone with fur might try to open it for you!) =^..^=

The heart toys are made of fuzzy fabrics, and for the square toys I'm happy to use colors or patterns you prefer, so if you'd like your square pillow toy made with a floral, kitty cat design or bold graphic print, just write to me directly with your preferences (or dislikes) at when you order. ~;^)

Thank you, we appreciate your support!

1 oz. of our organic cat/pet grass mix = appx. 950 seeds!

Shipping time: most orders I make and send out in 2-10 business days. For cat toys, beds and nap pads, please see my store listing. Please order early for holidays, and write to if your order is URGENT, thank you!

In Memory of Mom ~ my greatest inspiration, friend & teacher ~ she loved art, design, sewing, cats, nature & perfection.