Organic Chicken Eggs Pastured Free Range Hens

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Organic Chicken Eggs Pastured Free Range Hens

Pasture raised chicken eggs from free range birds fed USDA Certified Organic feed. Local delivery options available.

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Our hens like all of our animals, are allowed to free range on both pasture & pond. We are an organic farm so you can feel good knowing we never use chemicals, anti-biotics, growth hormones, medicated feed or other unhealthy treatments. We use organic holistic naturopathic remedies to supplement their food & water when needed. That's it!

Unlike boring uniform factory eggs you find on grocery store shelves our eggs not only come in different shapes & sizes they also range in color from the traditional whites & browns to the non traditional chocolates, speckles, greens & blues. The yolks stand up firm in the thick whites. Our birds produce yolks that are dark yellow to deep orange thanks to their healthy diet of bugs, grasses, seeds & certified organic feed.

NOTE: Egg colors shapes & sizes vary from carton to carton. We cannot guarantee any particular colors.

We do not ship livestock. Pick up meet at a SWAP is free.


We can deliver or meet locally for a fee: Less than 1 hour drive - $25.00 Less than 2 hour drive - $60.00 Less than 3 hour drive - $85.00

Please contact us either through our Local Harvest page. Facebook page or website to arrange pick up.

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