Organic Chocolate Mint Plant 3 Healthy Starts

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Organic Chocolate Mint Plant 3 Healthy Starts

Its subtle chocolate flavor makes this a favorite in refreshing summer iced teas and coffees. Use fresh, dried, or frozen.

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Like peaches and cream, chocolate and mint is a winning combination!

Chocolate mint is a cultivar of the perennial favorite Peppermint. Mint is used around the word for aromatherapy, in the making of tea, for flavoring candy and gum, as an insect repellant, in the making of menthol, and as a spice and condiment.

Use mint leaves diced and sprinkled on fresh strawberries, freeze in ice cubes and add to any summer drink, use dried to flavor desserts and ice cream. Mint tea aids in digestion, fresh leaves repell pests, and the violet blooms in summer will attract pollinators to your yard.

I will send you three healthy organic rooted starts, with no soil. I recommend transferring to a pot in the shade for a few days until over shock, and then placing in the ground. The time to plant is NOW! Mint spreads quickly and can become invasive, so you may want to keep in pots.

I have found that mint thrives with no more than 3 hours of full sun a day. With a few hours of shade per day, the leaves will become enormous! Water daily until established, then weekly after that. Leaves die back in winter, so the plant basically disappears until spring.

Department of Agriculture recommendation Perennial Zones 3-9, but I have seen multiple sights recommending zones 4-11.

If your starts don't take off using ordinary care, please contact me and I will send you new ones.

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Our farm is family owned and operated since 1939. Our products are all naturally grown, free of chemicals and pesticides. Each product is individually picked and processed (as in naturally dried) by me. This is the spot that Luther Burbank declared to be "God's chosen spot on the earth, as far as nature is concerned." Our plants grow strong and tall here......good stock produces good product.

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