Organic Comb Kiawe Honey from Hawaii

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Organic Comb Kiawe Honey from Hawaii

Truly an old-fashioned favorite for honey-lovers! We are pleased to bring you a good sized chunk of our prized kiawe comb honey.

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 Kiawe Comb Honey$24.99

Season: May-Nov 

from: Molokai Meli

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It's now available! You can taste our superior light sweet honey straight from the hive! We have carefully cut and placed a 4-inch square of honey still in the comb into a sturdy plastic container for your enjoyment. Because kiawe honey crystalizes while still in the hive, you will find this honey to be solid, not liquid, but it is still fresh. Each box weighs approximately 12.5 ounces.

We have had many requests for comb honey from those remembering "the good 'ol days" or when grandpa used to keep bees. This is truly a treat straight from the hive, and when it's a hive foraging on kiawe nectar, it's really sweet.

For those of you who have never tried comb honey, you just break off a chunk and put it in your mouth and chew it until the honey is gone. What's left is just pure beeswax. You can discard it or chew on it for awhile first.

For those of you familiar with comb honey, enjoy this tasty sweet treat from our apiaries in Hawaii!

Premium Silky Kiawe Honey is now available! This is a mouth-watering delight like you've never experienced. Premium Silky is like our famous gourmet kiawe honey in a smooth silky consistency that melts in your mouth. The special aging process and clear honey produce a white honey that is quite rare in color, consistency, and flavor.

We're all about local organic honey, raw and unfiltered. There is currently a shortage on Kiawe honey, so get yours while supplies last!