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Goats were the first animal domesticated by man. The history of goats and people goes back 15,000 years.

Goats are raised mostly for milk and meat, but some varieties, such as the Angora, are prized for their wool.

Some family farmers rent out their flocks of goats to people wanting to cut back weeds and brush in an environmentally friendly way. Goat meat has a distinctive flavor rather like lamb, and has not been commonly used in traditional U.S. cooking. Other cultures, however, have many wonderful ways of preparing goat. For example, jerk goat, spicy and aromatic barbeque, is commonly found for sale at roadside stands in Jamaica. Try an Indian goat korma (goat curry) or Mexican birria (a slow-cooked, chile-intensive stew).

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Goat Loin Chops


This is one of the most tender cuts. They are usually braised or grilled. 4 chops per package. Approx 0.8 - 1.1 lb.


Goat Meat for Stew (bone-in)
Goat meat for stew with bone. Cut in approx 2 in pieces. Pieces will v...


Goat Rib Chops
Goat rib chops. great for grilling. A lean meat alternative. 4-6 in a package. 1.0-1.2 lbs