Organic Gravenstein Apples Red Variety

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Organic Gravenstein Apples Red Variety


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 20 lb. Red Gravensteins$45.00

Season: Jul-Aug 

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As Grav's ripen sporadically, I have the first few orders available now!

The only discernable difference is that the red are just a wee bit sweeter, and the skin is a tad bit thicker. Other than that, they are identical. The same crispy crunch when you bite into them, + the same sweet, tangy juice dribbling down your chin!

The one major advantage of the red over the green, in my estimation, is the color of the applesauce. I don't peel my apples when making sauce, it is such a waste of time. The peel totally disintegrates in cooking, + only the color remains. This results in the most stunning, bright, fuchsia pink applesauce you can imagine! Sometimes I even add extra peels for an even more intense color.

So give them a try if you haven't already, you will be a convert!

I pick only off the tree, never off the ground. Grav's are very fragile, and bruise easily. This makes no difference if you plan to use them for sauce and pie. In that case, I will jam as many as I can into a large Flat Rate Box. If however, you are concerned as to the appearance of your apples, I will have to cushion them in the box, and you will wind up with about 10-12 pounds of apples instead of 15-20. Please make your preference known to me in the 'gift message' window at checkout. As this is an organic product, please expect to see some worm holes.

Having happy customers is very important to me. If, for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, please contact me. I will gladly offer you a replacement free of charge. If you would rather, I will refund your money. I do not require that you return the merchandise.

Our farm is family owned and operated since 1939. Our products are all naturally grown, free of chemicals and pesticides. Each product is individually picked and processed (as in naturally dried) by me. This is the spot that Luther Burbank declared to be "God's chosen spot on the earth, as far as nature is concerned." Our plants grow strong and tall here......good stock produces good product.

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