Organic Heritage Turkey, USDA Certified

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Organic Heritage Turkey, USDA Certified

ALL TURKEYS at Elmwood Stock Farm are USDA Organic Certified. Heritage breeding stock includes Narragansett, Slate, Bourbon Red.

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Some characteristics that distinguish these very rare Heritage turkeys from the standard broad breasted variety are slower growth, more proportionate breasts to legs, and the ability to naturally breed. There is a better balance between the dark meat and white meat, which means roasting a bird to perfection is much easier. The meat has a richer flavor.

Elmwood turkeys are raised the old-fashioned way outdoors on fresh grass and clover pastures with wholesome grains, resulting in moist, flavorful turkey. Not only are our Heirloom turkeys raised naturally, free from any synthetic inputs, flavor additives, or stimulants, but everything that every turkey eats is organically raised grain or grass pasture. Pasture-based farming has recognizable health benefits resulting in products with good saturated fats and high omega-3 fatty acids.

The use of certified organic grain means our turkeys are more expensive to produce, but you can take comfort knowing no GMO grain and no synthetic chemicals are used in your food.

Heritage turkeys will never be as large as broad breasted turkeys though they eat certified organic grain for 30 weeks resulting in the healthiest, most flavorful, best turkey you will ever taste.

Organic Certification ensures third party verification of our production practices and ultimately results in better health for you and your family this Thanksgiving season.

You can taste the difference and you will know you are serving the best!

ALL TURKEYS at Elmwood Stock Farm outside of Georgetown, KY are Organic Certified free ranging turkeys that are raised outdoors on grass and clover pasture.

TURKEYS are processed under USDA inspection, come with the neck and giblets, and are FROZEN for food safety..

SHIPPING: Turkeys for Thanksgiving will ship on Wednesday 11/20 UPS 2nd Day to arrive Friday 11/22.

Turkeys are shipped Frozen and will need to be thawed.

Once your order ships, you will receive a tracking number. It is your responsibility to track your box until it reaches its destination, to locate, avoid delays, or pick-up at your local UPS.

SHIPPING ONLY in Continental United States.

USDA Cert. Organic Turkeys are Frozen and ship UPS Air - Certified Organic by OEFFA