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Lamb is a sheep less than a year old, typically slaughtered between the ages of four and twelve months. Pastured, organic lamb is obtained from animals that have had short but healthy lives.

People have raised sheep and lamb for at least 10,000 years. Sheep were first domesticated in Central Asia, and they have been used ever since as a source of food and clothing. They have also provided skins for parchment, and milk for butter and cheese.

Not sure how to prepare your pastured, organic lamb? We'd suggest experimenting with lamb recipes taken from Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines, culinary traditions which have rich legacies of cooking with lamb. Roast lamb marinated in pomegranate juice is a yummy specialty of Georgian cooking (that's Georgia, the former Soviet republic, not Georgia where the Atlanta Braves do play).

Many of our member farms are working to bring back Heritage Sheep Breeds.

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